If you feel the need to delve down way below the shallows, take up scuba diving.

Sri Lanka offers you some really great options whether you are a beginner, an amateur enthusiast or a diving fanatic. Not only is the ocean rich with coral reefs and exotic marine life, the ethereal underwater landscape is dotted with intriguing ship wrecks. Over the centuries, Sri Lanka drew seafarers from near and far, and many left ghostly legacies under the waves. Today, they draw diving enthusiasts from around the world – some in the hope of discovering lost treasure too. The best diving sites are located in the West, South and East coasts, and sights not to be missed are the Basses in the Deep South, Shipwrecks off the coast of Unawatuna and Moray Eels and sting rays off the North West coast. As many of the diving spots and the best reefs are offshore, it is recommended that you hire a certified guide and a boat. The monsoon patterns can play havoc, but as always you can pack up your gear and move on to the other side where the season will be in full swing.


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